Heirloom Living Market Crossfit O-Zone Growers

Heirloom Living Market consists of a group of local Farmers, Producers and Artisans (all referred to as “Growers” on the Market) located in and around Lawrenceville, Georgia. We do our best to ensure that growers are within a 100 mile radius of our community.

The Growers are coordinated by the Market Managers to make their locally produced products available to the community. Each Farmer and Gardener who sells products on this market is passionate about and dedicated to using a strict set of standards to ensure the end product is GMO, medication, pesticide, chemical and soy free. They are committed to supplying their customers with the freshest and highest quality vegetables, meats, herbs, mill products, dairy, eggs, fruits, flowers and transplants. The Artisans also provide products that are natural, chemical/pesticide and GMO free and crafted with a passion! Our Bakers use pastured eggs, organic butter and flours and their products do not contain any vegetable oils soy or preservatives. All Farmers/Producers/Artisans are licensed by the entity that regulates their particular offerings. All Farmers/Producers/Artisans are thoroughly “vetted” through interviews, Farm visits, verification of certifications and licenses and their inclusion in the Market assure that their farming practices meet our strict criterion.

Whether the Farm or the local business is large or small, providing beef or goat milk soap, the people behind these endeavors share a common thread of dedication to our community, the environment, good health and education.

With the exception of some “Pantry Items”, that are NOT available from local sources: Oils, Flours, Grains and Legumes, all of the products you buy come directly from the grower or producer. There are no resellers, no middle men, and nothing but fresh locally produced and/or grown products.

Like at a traditional farmers’ market, growers describe their own products, set their own prices, and are selling directly to you.

Interested In Becoming a Grower on This Market?

You should have a good understanding of how we work before you apply for Farmer/Grower/Artisan status. We would like you to first become a customer and place a couple orders so you can see firsthand how we operate. Things go so much more smoothly if you’d join us as a customer first. Unless you have received an invitation from us to join as a Farmer/Grower/Artisan, your request to sell will be denied if you have never shopped at our Market.

Interested in joining the Market as a Farmer/Grower/Artisan? Please read the Grower Guidelines to see if the Market would be a good “fit” prior to applying to become a Grower. Grower Guidelines Please print this document and submit with licenses required by the state, city or county and documentation of your certifications. You may email the paperwork to hlm.cfoz@gmail.com.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to apply for grower status.

No growers in this market use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides!

Our Growers

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Burnell_farm_logo Burnell Farms
Royston, GA
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Heirloom Living Market
Dacula, GA
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Heritage_spring_beauty Heritage Farm
Bowden, GA
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Ezekielbreadweb My Daily Bread Wholegrain Bakery
Cleveland, Ga
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